September 30, 2008

WeN HaRi RaYa noT TomoRow!


Happy Raya Peeps.

To all Muslims:

Hari Raya which will be held on Thursday, 2nd October 2008. Wish you all Happy Raya. Have a blast this year.

Seriously, i stillllll don't get the raya mood. my exams is getting closer. which was less than 2 weeks i guess. i haven't revise much. *sigh* and friends been asking me whether i've studied or not. hmpphh! maybe i'll just enjoy my raya for the first and second, then after that time to studyyy babyy..
There it goes to Kaka Amal too. she will be having cuti this first and second raya i guess. then, its time for her to worrrkkk.
Whilst students will be having raya in four days time and time to go to school on the fifth raya. school babyyy.. no more holidays. ahaha. guess, i'm out now. Happy Raya again peeps.


inTervieW 4 TuiTion SchooL Be FoKuS

-- Tuition School...


SunGkai @ NyoNya, YayaSaN


September 29, 2008

What a blast!

Yesterday was a blast! had a lot of fun together. lists of name joining the sungkai? sure, i tell you.

  1. Hamidah Rabaha (Kaka Nining)
  2. Hurul'Ain Nukhbah @ Nur Syakimah Rabaha (Kaka Dideiy)
  3. Amal Ibrahem (Kaka Amal)
  4. Ikmal Sidik
  5. Iqbal Sidik
  6. Ashraf Sidik
  7. Safura DSS Hj Lamit (Ka Pura)
  8. Abg Shukrie (husband Ka Pura)
  9. Salleh (kawan abg Shukrie))
  10. Nabila DSS Hj Lamit (Aming)
  11. Najlaa DSS Hj Lamit (Alai Mit)
  12. Hj Md Farizul Hj Sazali (Abg Ejul)
So, total 12 of us. spending all night long with them. while i was having my sungkai and going to ambil the foods, bumped into Fazlee and Azhar. lama sudah inda tejumpa si Azhar atu and he's getting kurus. so these were their reaction masa terjumpa:
Azhar: si ikmal rupanya..
Ikmal: =) *smile* hehehe.. jubur kamu anie.. (FYI, thats the only words that came out from my mouth, i'm speechless!!)

then, the second round ambil foods:
Fazlee: makin tinggi jua ko mal..
Ikmal: hahaha.. mestilahhh.. =p

i know.. i dont talk too much. honestly, i dont know what to say.

Hari Raya is around the corner. might be on this Wednesday or Thursday. i don't have the raya mood, though i've prepared the kurong and all, but still.. maybe its because of i think too much on exams. it started on the 15th which was my maths paper 1. takut ehhhh, tapi inda jua belajarr.. apanieee?? hhahaha. i started revising sudah, but then inda mau masuk. cemana tuu?? gimme some tipsss...hmpfff!!!

So, tadi petang i went out with Daddy, Iqbal and Ashraf. since our MacBook was on my lap, we took some pictures in the car.


KenanGan Taun 2007


September 28, 2008

"remarkable" joyness.. with the ibrahems'..

----- ma Amingz-----
----Alai Mit, Amengz, me n Ka PuRa---


SunGkai @ seaSon wiT FamiLy n Kazenz... Yeah

---- wiT My Sista ---

---- wiT Kazen, Ka PuRa (ehe bnRnya SafuRa, buT lyk 2 KaL Ka puRa coz hubYnya Much OldeR deN me ehe mwahz ---


TmRw sungKai ma KawaN d NyoNya YayaSaN


Yeah LaTeR SunGkai @ SeaSon Gdg


September 27, 2008


okeh... ka dyg... d confirmation is about 11 people so who they r??? .. is it including ka pura n her husband o not.....


oTw Vack Home... i saw NICE CaR Meh... woah.. wisH i haD DaT Car uhux...


aFTeR VcK HoMe.. aRounD 11am

KRoL n HaiZuL Came 2 Brunei... buT @ 4pm They wenT Vck 2 MiRi...
soooo Funn with Them especiaLLy wiTh KRoL.. N we PLanning wanna celebRate our BDAY TogeTheR.. Me 610 n him 810.. yea yea yea


WhiLe WaiTing My BungSu @ d StoR NegaRa


EaRLy In Da MoNenX weNT 2 My InTeRvieW...

WaiTing 4 mY BunGsu Who WaNa FetCh Me.... He Worx AnoTher Building FRom D SPA.... ELecTric....


Wake up call

You readers might be wondering, i'm doing this post early in the morning. Got a wake up call from Kaka Safura asking me about tomorrow's sungkai at Seasons Restaurant. So she asked me whether i wanna change the sungkai place, from Seasons to RBC. Me, Kaka Nining and Amal have been planning going to Seasons. So, i guess Seasons sajalah. Im doing the reservation for us tomorrow. Hopefully ramai.

Speaking about sungkai, today i'm having sungkai with the crowd. That includes Pai Bini, Pie, Lyla, Ana, Ayen, and friends. Im sure ramai pulang tu. So, we'll be having our sungkai later di Mall Gadong.

Fandi, he has been giving me a wake up call for sahur. I know... That annoys me much. Grgrr.

Lastnight, we (my family) were having a night campaign. Which was hell exhausting. Got a deep cut on my finger. *sob sob* i know, and i cried too. Pedih ah. And guess what? My parents (esp. Daddy) and my brothers (esp. Iqbal) teased me all night long. So, i ended up not helping them doing the campaign. Harharhar.

Im planning to go for facial. But my money getting thicker and thicker (opposite to it). I didnt have the guts kan mahu cash from my parents. Coz ive been nagging alot of things to buy haritu and they bought me the things jua. Heee.

p/s: Ayen Buncil, u must come!


September 26, 2008

AfTeR SuNgKai Go ShoPPinG....

FiRsT go To London KebaB @ SengKuRong... Then Go 2 MaLL GadonG...