December 26, 2009

ToTaLy boReD...


end year gathering.

faces of the ibrahems. :)
Had a great time lastnight, though some of the ibrahems were on vacay. so yea, its kinda like gathering end of this year i guess before we entered a new year, 2010. sigh. times move so fast. and leaving all those memories behind. and hoping our new hijrah and masehi will bring joy and happiness and success. :)

kids were all around.
brings happiness to the ibrahems.


December 07, 2009


Soorrry for the lack of updates guys. I've just read the cbox. We're not that active at the moment, due to some of them is working and while me, having my end semester 1 examination. So, i guess we'd give a break for a while. and yes, insyaallah, we're gonna be actively back blogging after this. Insya-Allah. :) So,i'll just post the pictures what we've got into after Raya ends. =) Let the pictures do the talking, shall we? Enjoy.

Hantar Ilyaa's off to UK

Ashraf's 12th Birthday

Sushi-ing at Excapade Serusop