July 22, 2010

Memories of....

To All relatives, friends and who ever knew Siti Haslina Bte Haji Hidup.

On behalf of our family, we thank all who had send condolences in person, by calls, SMS or FB.

Thanks for your support. We believe that only Allah will bless all of you.

To whom who wish to pay visit to her final resting place, it’s at Perkuburan Islam Kg Telanai (the 1st one if you’re going to Bandar) or you may let us know from this FB.

Lastly from us,

“Maaf kan segala dosa, halal kan makan minum Allahyarhamah,
serta halal kan jika ada hutang yang belum terlunas jika ada. Semoga Allah memberi
awda pahala sebesarnya dan di lindungi sentiasa.